Rainbow23 Refresh (Sky blue)

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Product Features

・”BEAUTY” with a fresh pomegranate flavor

・Warm and cozy with mugwort extract

・”AGING” shines even more with four types of natural ingredients

・”PLAIN” has a pleasant natural texture

– “MOISTURE” – Contains seven types of natural ingredients that give you a moist feeling

– “REFRESH” – A refreshing blueberry flavor

・Relax with the relaxing scent of lavender

・Uses a proprietary applicator

**Refresh (Sky blue) – Blueberries are rich in polyphenols.  The sweet and sour taste adds an accent to the moisture

One size

7 Lubricants for Women’s Daily Lives Rainbow 23

Hanamisui is committed to creating products that focus on feminine care, and
receives many complaints about the delicate zone and all kinds of worries.

What we have now is not enough
I wish it was more
I wish it was
more More, more…

Rainbow23 was developed with the backing of such women’s “more”.

With seven types of lubricants that can be used in a variety of situations, we want
to brighten up women’s daily lives like a rainbow after the rain.

– “BEAUTY” with a fresh pomegranate flavor
– “WARMING” with a warm feeling from mugwort extract –
“AGING” with even more shine from four natural ingredients
– “PLAIN” with a delightful natural texture –
“MOISTURE” with seven natural ingredients for a hydrating feel –
“REFRESH” with an exciting new blueberry flavor
– “RELAX” with a relaxing, enchanting lavender scent

Rainbow23 is a supporter of women’s quality of life.


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