InClear Cinnamoroll (2 bottles)

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Product Features

・This product allows you to directly wash the inside of the vagina with a weakly acidic gel that is similar to the vaginal environment.

・Washes out bothersome vaginal discharge

– Uses a uniquely developed ergonomic applicator

One size

Discharge cleansing gel in clear , gentle on the vaginal environment

The vaginal irrigator “Inclear 2.9” was newly released in February 2022. We have increased the amount of cleaning gel and started selling it for those who want to quickly deal with prolonged menstruation or bothersome vaginal discharge.
This time, the Inclear 2.9 Cinnamoroll version with packaging in collaboration with Cinnamoroll is now available. Even the individual packaging features a cute Cinnamoroll.
Although menstruation is a sign of health every month, caring for the intimate area (delicate zone) tends to be more time-consuming than usual. The stress of menstruation affects many things, such as having to pay attention to fashion, not being able to enjoy sports to the fullest, worrying about stuffiness and rashes on napkins, and having to carry sanitary products when going out. In fact, a survey showed that more than 30% of women are making some kind of effort to end their prolonged menstruation sooner.

For women who want to end their prolonged menstrual period a little earlier or reduce the feeling of bothersome vaginal discharge, Inclear 2.9 contains 70% more cleaning gel than the regular Inclear (1.7g) for the purpose of cleaning the vagina. The Cinnamoroll packaging is cute and designed to make it easy for customers to pick up.


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