Inclear (10 bottles)

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Product Features

・This product allows you to directly wash the inside of the vagina with a weakly acidic gel that is similar to the vaginal environment.

・Washes out bothersome vaginal discharge

– Uses a uniquely developed ergonomic applicator

One size

A new sensation in delicate zone care

Contains lactic acid * For odor and vaginal discharge in the delicate zone , use Inclear

When the secretion of female hormones decreases due to an irregular lifestyle or stress, the vaginal environment becomes easily disturbed, which can cause unpleasant odors and vaginal discharge.
Inclear is a new type of vaginal cleanser that cleanses the inside of the vagina with gel! It cleans with a gel containing lactic acid, which is weakly acidic like the vaginal environment, so it cleans thoroughly without putting a strain on the body.

*As a pH adjuster

Inclear is a delicate zone care product that improves the vaginal environment by injecting a gel containing lactic acid directly into the vagina. Unlike bidets, which wash away the good bacteria with water, Inclear does not wash, but instead replenishes lactic acid to enhance the vagina’s self-cleaning function and reduce unpleasant odors and vaginal discharge.


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