Cellista The Cocktail Serum Bottled New Age

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Contents: 30mL
Free of 20 ingredients that are unnecessary for the skin:
☑ Parabens ☑ Phthalates ☑ Fragrances ☑ Synthetic fragrances ☑ Alcohol ☑ Silicone ☑ UV absorbers ☑ Paraffin ☑ Petroleum-derived surfactants ☑ Synthetic surfactants ☑ Tar pigments ☑ Synthetic polymers ☑ Synthetic colorants ☑ Colorants ☑ Phenoxyethanol ☑ Formerly designated ingredients ☑ Chelating agents ☑ Sulfate-based surfactants ☑ Ethanol ☑ Mineral oil
One size
Cellista The Cocktail Serum Bottled New Age
A unique blend of “human stem cell culture supernatant” and “iosia essence” used in the “Cellista” series in a golden ratio. With just one push of the pump, you can quickly and easily enjoy clinic-level anti-aging care. This is also an introduction to human stem cell cosmetics, where you can easily experience the beautiful skin effect of “The Cocktail Serum”.

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