Cellista Oral Reviver Gel

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Eliminates bacteria build up in mouth and gum to prevent receding gum, tooth decay and bad breath.

Helps to strengthen tooth enamel, removes plaque bacteria from teeth and gums and decrease painful tooth sensitivity.

One size
1. 5 Easy Steps
  • Remove the cap and
    inner rubber stopper of
    one bottle of The
    Cocktail Serum Powder
  • Depending on the size of
    the treatment area, add
    an adequate amount of
    IOSIA Essence into the
  • Firmly screw the spout
    cap that comes in the
    box onto the bottle
    that contains IOSIA
    Essence and the
  • Shake thoroughly to
    mix the Powder and
  • Remove the mini
    stopper at the tip of
    the cap, and squeeze
    the cap body to obtain
    an appropriate amount
    of “Cellista, The
    Cocktail Serum”.

2. 5 Benefits of IOSIA Essence

3. Difference from human stem cells [culture solution]


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