Cellista 15 Days

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15 Day Course 

▼ The Cocktail Serum Powder

Contents: 12.5mg x 3 Bottles

▼ Iosia Essence

Contents: 30mL


How to use:

Usage Tips

● Shake firmly while holding the cap before using.

● One bottle is for 5 times (5 days). Use about 1/5 of
the bottle as one serving.

● Please overlap the areas you are treating.

Things to Note

● Foaming is a natural phenomenon of the component
mixture and is not a quality issue.

● After the Cocktail Serum has been mixed it is
recommended to store in the refrigerator and use it
within 5 days.

● After use, be sure to tightly replace and close the mini
stopper at the tip of the cap.

● Please ensure that the cap does not become loose as
this may cause leaking if it is not properly closed.

One size
1. 5 Easy Steps
  • Remove the cap and
    inner rubber stopper of
    one bottle of The
    Cocktail Serum Powder
  • Depending on the size of
    the treatment area, add
    an adequate amount of
    IOSIA Essence into the
  • Firmly screw the spout
    cap that comes in the
    box onto the bottle
    that contains IOSIA
    Essence and the
  • Shake thoroughly to
    mix the Powder and
  • Remove the mini
    stopper at the tip of
    the cap, and squeeze
    the cap body to obtain
    an appropriate amount
    of “Cellista, The
    Cocktail Serum”.

2. 5 Benefits of IOSIA Essence

3. Difference from human stem cells [culture solution]


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