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Hanamisui strives to raise awareness so that feminine care habits can become a normal part of life for all women in Japan, so that they can enjoy life more comfortably and freely.

We will pursue the development of products that not only provide solutions for intimate areas and
products that can support the health and beauty of each individual woman, but also support the care of the body and hormone balance at various stages of life .


❶ Menarche begins (around age 10-14)

❷ The amount of female hormone secreted gradually increases, but is still unstable.

❸ Hormonal secretion stabilizes, menstruation becomes regular, and the body becomes suitable for pregnancy and childbirth.

❹ After the age of 35, ovarian function begins to decline, and the amount of female hormones fluctuates and decreases.

5. Ovarian function declines, female hormone secretion decreases, and menopause begins.

❻ Female hormones gradually decrease with age, accelerating aging.

Hanamisui Product Range

Wet Trust Gold

Easy and hygienic lubricant jelly. Lotion ingredients and natural ingredients keep your skin moisturized for a long time. A lubricating jelly containing lactic acid. Its one-touch system allows you to quickly take it out wherever you want to use it, making it easy and hygienic to use.

Wet Trust VA

Eliminate the inconvenience of using suppositories (vaginal suppositories and vaginal tablets) with the disposable WetTrust VA applicator. A positive attitude towards all women. Easily insert vaginal tablets into the correct position. WetTrust VA is a special applicator for smoothly introducing medicines into the vagina.

Wet Trust Pro

Simple ingredients for natural moisture. A discreet lubricant jelly, Wet Trust Pro. A lubricant that your partner won't notice. The one-touch system allows you to apply the lubricant directly to the desired area without having to take out the jelly in your hands, making it easy and hygienic to use.

Rainbow 23

7 Lubricants for Women's Daily Lives

Rainbow23, a friend of women's QOL
We want you to discover a new you with these seven types of lubricants that can be used in a variety of situations . We want to brighten up a woman's everyday life like a rainbow after the rain.


Discharge cleansing gel in clear , gentle on the vaginal environment. Making women beautiful from the inside out. Inclear is a new type of vaginal cleanser that uses a proprietary applicator to inject a weakly acidic gel into the vagina for cleaning.


Mildly acidic cosmetics that are gentle on the skin. Out Clear can be used on intimate helps keep the skin clean.  Keep your skin in the intimate area clean with this item!

Hikarivita Serum

This is a highly concentrated pure Vitamin C* serum that directly addresses various age-related concerns, such as pores*, dullness*, and skin firmness and texture.  Hikarivita Serum delivers the power of pure Vitamin C to your skin.

“I LOVE IT SO MUCH, Really good quality, lovely packaging & smells amazing. Speedy delivery”
“I LOVE IT SO MUCH, Really good quality, lovely packaging & smells amazing. Speedy delivery”
“I LOVE IT SO MUCH, Really good quality, lovely packaging & smells amazing. Speedy delivery”