Authencity of Our Products
Our products have been certified by the Japan Stem Cell Cosmetic Evaluation Organization (JSCEO) for its high quality and excellent effects.  JSCEO is a trusted professional body with extensive experience in regenerative medicine that ensures the delivery of true stem cell supernatant cosmetics in Japan.  It is the ONLY organization that issues certification to regenerative products in Japan.  Only products that have the highest quality and passed a series of strict standards receive the certification.

In recent years, benefits of stem cell and regenerative science in skin care products have drawn great attention.  However, there are many products in the marketplace with unsubstantiated claims or do not live up to their claims.  That is why we worked with JSCEO to certify our products.  Our products and JSCEO share the same mission and objectives in ensuring the use of superior quality of stem cell culture supernatant in skin care products that is proven to be effective.

We are committed to SAFETY

Our products are manufactured based on the most advanced technology backed by proprietary know-how and experience.  From manufacturing to quality control, our products are constantly monitored under stringent conditions in specialized facilities in Japan and Korea.  The stem cells grown in the supernatant culture are received from healthy donors whose stem cell quality has been confirmed.

Celista The Cocktail Serum
A genuine next-generation aging care ingredient born from human stem cells
  • Human Stem Cell Culture Supernatant
  • ”Supernatant Liquid” Contains A Wide Variety Of Nutrients
  • A Genuine Next-Generation Aging Care
Stem cell culture supernatant based high-quality anti-aging care from Japan
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